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Mission Statement

Central Florida Region exists to provide the very highest quality motorsports events for our members and participants. To that end we are dedicated to the concepts of safety, fairness, and (above all) fun for everyone. We expect all members to treat each other with respect and consideration.

Those of us charged with organizing and directing our events are committed to conducting our activities predictably and to the highest standard. We are willing to make changes to improve ourselves and our club. We believe that training is an essential element of competent performance and we are committed to developing the skills and knowledge of our members. We are satisfied with nothing less than the very best.

We recognize that we are all custodians of our club and we understand that we must perform what we promise. We are pledged to provide competitions that are both safe and fair and we enforce our rules equitably. We recognize that different points of view are to be cherished not derided. We treat all fellow members and participants as we wish to be treated ourselves.

As club members, we strive to work together in a friendly manner. We smile and extend a welcome to all those who cross our path. We explain things in a helpful, friendly way – and when something is not going our way, we do not take it out on others. Our message is always "I’m glad you are here".

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