Racing in Central Florida Region is governed by the Sports Car Club Of America’s rule book known as the “GCR” for “General Competion Rules“.  The “GCR” is amended on a monthly basis by the publication of “Fastrack” updates.

Central Florida Region also has additional rules for CFR only classes such as F600 (600cc version of Formula 500).  We also have our own Vintage Rules.

For endurance racers, the region has its own Endurance Racing Rules.  We also participate in the Tropical Endurance Series with Florida Region.   Tropical Endurance Series Rules are compatible with CFR Endurance Rules and with Southeast Division ECR Rules and include provision for an annual points championship.

There is also a Divisional Championship Series for 2015 called the Southeast Championship Series (SECS) which will be run at various regional events throughout the division.   2015 SECS Flyer